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 N-2,6- two methyl phenyl maleimide(TMPMI)

Chemical name:N-2,6- two methyl phenyl maleimide
Molecular formula:C12H11NO2
Molecular structure:

Molecular weight:201




White crystal



Initial Melting point


Loss on Drying



≤0.3 %

Acid Value

  ≤1.0 mgKOH/g

properties:White crystal, no odor, soluble in N, N two DMF, insoluble in water, the melting point is 104~ 107 ℃.

Applications:TMPMI is an important thermal polymerization of monomers, as the polymer heat-resisting modified monomer, widely used in polyvinyl chloride, poly methyl methacrylate bulk polymerization, especially the bulk polymerization can replace N- phenyl maleimide, significantly to improve the final products’ color. Besides that, TMPMI is also used on dye, petroleum and chemical, agricultural chemistry importantly.

Package:Kraft paper bag or cardboard barrels.25kg/bag(barrel)
Storage:Store in a cool, dry place with good ventilation, good packaging products should avoid direct sunlight.

Notes:According to customers’ requirements to provide products which have no purity; this product packaging based customer requirements to adjust.


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