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 Insoluble sulfur

Chemical Name: Insoluble sulfur
CAS NO:Polymeric sulfur:9035-99-8      Rhombic sulfur:7704-34-9

HS OT10 HS OT20 HS OT33 HS IS90 IS60
Appearance Yellow powder
Total Sulfur Content 90.0%±1.0% 80.0%±1.5% 67.0%±1.0% ≥99.5%
Insoluble Sulfur ≥81.0% ≥72.0% ≥56.0% ≥90.0%  ≥60.0%
Oil Content 10.0%±1.0% 20.0%±1.5% 33.0%±1.0% --- ---
Acidity(as H2SO4) ≤0.05% ≤0.05%
High Thermal Stability(105℃,15min) ≥75.0% ≥75.0% ---
High Thermal Stability(120℃,15min) ≥45.0% ≥45.0% ---
Ash ≤0.15% ≤0.15% ≤0.15% ≤0.35%
Residue on 150um Sieve ≤1.0% --- ---

Features: Willing insoluble sulfur with the high dispersion and high stability, mainly reflected in the following, It can avoid the blooming of rubber in the storage period and maintain the sizing components with uniform performance; it can improve the adhesion of rubber and rubber, rubber and steel or synthetic cord to overcome the poor adhesion caused by the blooming of rubber and avoid to contaminate the rubber products and molds; It also can increase the adhesion of rubber and other materials, thus reducing scorch in the process of mixing and storage. Meanwhile, it will be not migration in the adjacent layer to keep the molding at the surface of rubber. Willing insoluble sulfur can shorten the curing time, reduce the dosage of sulfur and improve the aging properties of rubber products.  
Applications: It is a non-blooming vulcanizing agent used for unsaturated elastomers, widely used in NR, NBR,SBR,and EPDM, and can be used in the manufacture of tires, tubes, rubber belt,foot wear, rubber roller, wire and cable, seals, latex products and various light-colored rubber products.
Packing: 25kg / bag
Effective period: 1 year


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